Post-retirement period is the stage when one has the freedom to live life in his/her own style. An entire life is spent to build your own career and fortify the future of your children. The scope of leading a good life comes with the onset of retired life. Interestingly, if you scroll down the report published by International Living, you will find the name of Malaysia amidst the top entries. In the category of popular ex-pat cities, people’s choice for retirement in Penang leaves behind other top contenders like Kuala Lumpur. This is not without a reason. There are so many benefits of retiring in Penang.

Retirement in Penang

Why should Penang be your Destination for Retirement?

The state of Penang in Malaysia has a historical association with foreign settlers. The British colonial power had centralised its rule around this part of Malaysia.

1. The Weather: Basically, what attracted the British colonial power was the comfortable weather of the region. This is the hilly part of Malaysia and hence is blessed with a comparatively better climatic condition. The summertime temperature fluctuates between 320 to 300 Celsius. Spells of rainy days continue for 10 to 15 days on an average in a month.

2. Healthcare: World-renowned healthcare service providers like Gleneagles offers excellent facilities in Penang. The super speciality healthcare services are keen to provide world-class medical amenities for a nominal cost (when compared to the one available in Northern America or Europe).

3. Infrastructure: The condition of roads and bridges are excellent in Penang. In fact, the bridges like Penang Bridge and Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah bridge are reducing the distance between the mainland and the island state.

4. Cost of Living: The monthly cost of running a family of 4 members would be RM 7,413.55 (1RM= 0.25USD) in Penang. The cost of living index is 44.89 that is well within the average range. You cannot even think of running a family with such a meagre resource in New York.

5. Food: Penang is famous for her lip smacking cuisines. It is a blend of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and continental flavours and is indebted for the contributions of the ethnically diverse population. Most inhabitants prefer eating out than cooking as it is also an economical option.

6. Heritage: Walking downtown, you will be transported to a bygone era, nostalgic, watching the colonial era mansions and boutique restaurants with awe. Up in the hills, there are many luxury hotels which were mansions of the rich colonial settlers.

7. Travelling Opportunities: Right from Chinese temples, mountainous parks, forts to the scenic sea beaches, multiple travelling opportunities are scattered across Penang. Utilise much of your free hours by exploring the nooks and corners of the country during your stay in Penang.

8. Government Initiatives: The Malaysian government has announced some great programmes for pacing up the tech advancement and push in the green regulations for a sustainable development of Penang. The residents are expected to enjoy the long-term benefits of these initiatives very soon.

A retiree could expect to enhance the scope of savings due to a lower cost of living in Penang. If you are keen to settle down in Penang after retirement, find out more information in our latest write-ups.