We understand that during a relocation process, the one thing parents are worried about is the availability of quality of education. In this respect, Malaysia fares better than most other South-East Asian countries. The expats basically need not have to be worried about things like what if their children might not get the education necessary for making them capable of competing in the international arena. In Malaysia, it is absolutely not a problem. Hence, if you are considering applying for a Malaysia visa, rest assured about the quality of education received by your children.

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The Types of Schools in Malaysia

There are 3 types of schools in Malaysia:

1. Public Schools
2. Private Schools
3. International Schools

Let us delve deeper and gather basic information about these 3 different types of schools.

Public Schools: Most of the morning sessions in the public schools in Malaysia start at about 7:30 am in the morning and wraps up around 12:30 or 1:00 pm. The latter part of the day is scheduled for the afternoon session. The timing is suitable for the young minds who get enough time to finish their homework and study at their will. In the evening, they can play at the nearby parks.
Apart from a wonderful timing, there is another major benefit of public schools in Malaysia. Most of these educational institutes receive financial aid from the government thereby reducing the monthly fees amount significantly.
Adequate facilities are provided in the public schools. The one thing that might not go down well with you is the student-teacher ratio. This is quite high in these schools.

Private Schools: The drawbacks that you found with the public schools are not to be found with the private schools. We mean to say that in these schools, the student-teacher ratio remains within a rational limit. However, you cannot expect these schools to be as affordable as the previous ones.
Most of the private schools run 3 terms per year where 3 major examinations are held. The language of tuition is English and it proves to be immensely beneficial to the expat communities. In general, the classes are run from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
It has been noticed that the children of expat community assimilate easily in the environment of the private schools. The well-trained teachers have years of experience in imparting education to the children of the expat community.

International Schools: A chunk of international schools is located in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The teaching medium, environment and methodologies all gel well with the culture that your child is accustomed to. Those queuing up for MM2H visa application could also think of enrolling their children in these schools. The syllabus followed at most of the renowned international schools adhere to that of the British National Curriculum. Many schools follow International Baccalaureate Programme.

The relocating populace need not have to be worried about the sort of education being offered in Malaysia. There is no dearth of options. The MM2H visa agents could also help you gather information regarding quality schools. In Malaysia, they could become your good friends.