Thinking of relocating to Malaysia? Know how your MM2H visa agent would help you hire the services of a reliable medical insurance agent.

Penang in Malaysia is renowned for world-class medical infrastructure. Right from the stature of Gleneagles to other specialist hospitals, a foreign national would find every help regarding medical emergencies or regular checkup facilities. Once you have made up your mind for relocation, you should rest assured about medical facilities available here.

relocation services in Penang

Affordable Medical Insurances

Many a good medical insurance plans are available in Malaysia which the foreigners would find quite appealing given the low premium cost.

Allianz MediSafe Infinite Xtra (Plan 150): A wider medical coverage is offered to people who can avail the benefits till the age of 90 years.

Prudential Medical Insurance PRUvalue med (Plan 600): There is no annual limit; the plan is renewable until the client attains the age of 70 years.

Allianz Diabetic Essential Plan (Plan 200): The plan guarantees admission in hospitals from the list of empanelled hospitals. These hospitals take care of the budget and special requirements for the clients aged between 30 and 70 years of age. Hence, the healthcare costs can never burden you off or your loved ones.

Great Eastern Medical Insurance Great MediCare 2 (Plan 400): Under this insurance plan, the owner is entitled to receive 24-hour medical assistance. The uniqueness of this plan resides on the fact that consultation services could be received from a proficient medical practitioner located in the USA.

Tokio Marine Medical Insurance Premier Medic (Premier Medic 500): Eligible expenses are reimbursable till the maximum limit of the policy. At the time of renewal, there is no need of re-declaring your status of health. You are eligible to receive daily hospital allowance as well.

If you are not sure of deciding upon a medical policy, better to consult with your MM2H agent and arrange a meeting with a proficient medical insurance agent. Rest assured that you will receive all such relocation assistance in Penang from the licensed agent of MM2H visa.

Hospitals in Penang

The pioneering idea of building a hospital in Penang emerged in the minds of a few businessmen. The decision went through rough waters initially, however, the initiative paid off gradually.

Island Hospital: The hospital has an outstanding reputation in Penang. There is over a thousand staff working in the hospital. Annually, hundred thousands of patients receive super speciality care here in the Island hospital.

Gleneagles Medical Centre: In the place where we see the Gleneagles Medical Centre at present, there was Cantonment Medical Specialist Centre until it was razed by a devastating fire. The indomitable spirit of the local group of businessmen led to the reopening of the hospital in the name of Penang Medical Centre that was again renamed in the year 1989 as Gleneagles Medical Centre.
With a host of medical services, GMC runs a 24-hour accident and emergency department.

Penang Adventist Hospital: This is run by Christian missionary societies and is a non-profit hospital. The medical centre has recruited over 80 specialist medical practitioners.

The information related to medical centres and the insurance agents are available with the proficient agents of MM2H visa. It falls under the category of relocation services in Penang. Hence, you need not have to bother with the stress experienced by the newcomers.