Living in Malaysia can be an exciting affair when you have the right connections and the desire to explore. The promise of adventure is inevitable when you are in the lands of Malaysia and the experiences that you are bound to have will indeed be a surreal experience. Expats, those who have recently retired and even students who are looking to settle outside their native lands are warmly welcomed and are rewarded with plenty of opportunities to thrive.

Visa requirements in Malaysia too are not complicated and can the documents can be easily attained through the MM2H government initiative that has been designed to attract international tourists from all over the world. Expats and immigrants who are already well settled in the country vouch for the comforts and the friendliness that the country has to offer. The cost of living is low, the Malaysian cuisine is to die for and the overall ambience is great for outsiders to setlle in comfortably. The country though was notorious when it came to safety standards has however turned over a new leaf with the latest regulations and rules. The country is diverse as people of varied ethnicities converge there due to the many facilities that can be availed.

Expect in Malaysia

Does Malaysia feel right for you to make it your second home? Enlist the services of Alter Domus and make your dream came true. However, before you dive headlong into this ambitious venture, take a look at some of the tips that those who have already settled there have kindly shared for the benefits of their successors:

1. The Life Of An Expat

Jazz, theatre, water sports and other fun filled activities are a common fare when you have got Penang and Kula Lumpur as the city to settle in. The beaches, the great spread of food, the vibrant atmosphere, the lively ambience are only some of the many benefits that you can hope to reward yourself with while you spend your days here and the cheerful hulabaloo is sure to make your stay a breeze.

2. The Weather

There is only a slight difference between the summer and winter months at Malaysia. January remains the coolest while March is considerably hotter than the rest of the months. Thunder showers are pretty common and the humidity too is bearable unlike other parts of South-East Asia. The Klang Valley is renowned for the heat it bestows on people while Penang has a pretty great weather throughout the year.

3. The Language

You might be wondering if you need to learn Malay while you are making a permanent settlement in the country. However, English is spoken by almost everyone in the country and is what is used for daily communication. Since the country is home to many a religious sects and ethnicities, a common language is used by all.

4. The Cheerful Hullabaloo

An activity or the other is always taking place in the city. Be it a cultural event or a festival of one of the myriad ethnicities, the place throbs with a cheerful chaos that greets people from every alleyway and corner. All that noise might seem intrusive and an invasion to privacy but trust us you would soon get used to the vibrancy of it all.

Seek help from the expert team of professionals at Alter Domus and get yourself an overview of the MM2H requirements needed to be fulfilled to enjoy a hassle-free stay here.