A lot of factors must be taken into consideration when you are going for a move. Healthcare services, employment opportunities, weather, locales, transportation are only some of the boxes that should be ticked while deciding on settling on foreign lands. Moving to a new place can be a fun and exciting process. Indulge in a lot of background research especially if you have your family moving in with you and analyse your findings to zero in on the perfect place for settlement, gauging its pros and cons to the fullest.

Penang, one of the most habitable places in South-east Asia offers all the amenties and luxuries that retirees and expats are looking for for their post-retirement life. Indeed, retirement in Penang is a feasible option for many who are thinking of moving out from their native places. The beautiful, tropical lands of Penang offer a soothing alternative to the hustle and bustle of the life that you have been leading for so long.

Retirees And Expats

Following are a few of the many reasons that make this Malaysian city a favourable spot to comfortably settle in:

1. Healthcare Services

Penang is renowned for the best private healthcare services that see thousands of tourists seek them. The growth in medical tourism is directly proportional to the rise in developments of medical science, hospitals, that which are undergoing rennovation to cater to the needs and requirements. These medical institutions offering treatment and facilities that provide solutions at reasonable costs are enough to make Penang an extremely habitable place to stay.

2. Food Lovers, Rejoice!

The place is renowned internationally for its fare of street food. The locals call it the hawker food and there are a lot of options to choose from. The stir fried flat rice noodles, Assam Laksa, curry mee which is a Malay term for curry noodles, hokkin mee which is prawn noodles are only a few of the lip-smacking varieties up for grabs at dirt cheap prices. Restaurants serving authentic international food can also be availed if you want to treat your taste buds to something different along with the food that the locals have and rave about.

3. The Weather

The typical Malaysian temperature hovers around 30C to 32C, contributing to ample sunshine throughout the year. The climate is perfect to indulge in outdoorsy activities any time of the year without worrying about it being too hot or too cold to even step out. Malaysia has the ideal temperature that people dream of spending their days in.

4. Transportation Facilities

Situated right in the middle of Southeast Asia, the place perfectly acts as the base to explore the rest of the world. Penang is home to an international airport that makes travelling all the more easier. Understandably thus, Singapore and Thailand are the most frequented neighbouring countries for the people of Malaysia.

5. Language

As exciting as settling in a foreign country is, the prospect can be pretty scary at times. The language barrier being one such obstacle. However, living in Penang makes things easier. The fluency at which the English language is used to converse in, is indeed helpful for the expats and the foreigners who have settled there. And besides, the people of Malaysia are a friendly lot who go out of their way if you need help. So yes, all the more reason to make the place your second home.

From the low cost of living in Penang, plenty of job opportunities and beautiful landscapes, the place has it all for those hopeful to settle here. Enlist the help of Alter Domus who with the assistance of the MM2H program help expats to settle comfortably in the foreign lands of Malaysia. From providing residential options, employment opportunities, places to see and things to do, the expert team of professionals does it all.
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