The jingle, “Malaysia, Truly Asia” is not really far from the truth when it comes to describing the serene lands that comprise Malaysia. Known to many who have sought to dwell there as a home away from home, a place that welcomes all and sundry, the country is fast turning into a cultural melting pot of sorts. Individuals in Malaysia live in perfect harmony, acknowledging each other with respect and admiration, a notion that indeed is hard to claim by other countries.

The low crime rate, the advanced technology and education system, it’s a wonder that half the world’s population has not already migrated to the country. Malaysia is home to the world’s highest skybridge, the world’s oldest rainforest and one of the most beautiful islands, not to mention the mouthwatering delicasies that dot the streetside stalls. What makes the country all the more fascinating is the squeaky clean environment that it boasts of ensuring that it constantly tops the list of the world’s cleanest cities. The MM2H program, an initiative by the Malaysian government invites foreign retirees, expats and anyone who is seeking to spend years of tranquility at a cosmopolitan environment to settle in the beautiful streets of Malaysia.

The Serene Environment

Yes, living in Malaysia has its perks. Take a look at the few natural beauties that would not only add on to the prolonged stay that you would enjoy in the country but that which contribute to the serene environment that the place is famous for:

Beaches And Islands

The tropical country of Malaysia with its warm climate and vast stretches of coastline has an abundance of beaches. The beaches dot the mainland and provide the perfect secluded spot for the beach lovers. Langkawi, one of the most popular islands in Malaysia offers a relaxed vacation with numerous spots to dine and shop from. Redang, however is a secluded place, offering serenity to those who seek for it.

An Exotic Scene Of Wildlife

The wildlife in Malaysia is indeed like no other. The clean and sustainable environment make it possible for the wild boars, the tapirs, deer, monkeys, countless species of birds to roam freely in their natural habitat at the Taman Negara National Park. The waterfalls, the serene canopy walks and the guided tours help in getting to know the elephants and orangutans better if it is Borneo that you have planned to visit.

Tea Plantations

The tea industry has long been a part of development and trade in Malaysia, particularly in areas like the Cameron Highlands. There, near the highest point of the country, temperatures are cool enough for tea plantations. In the Cameron Highlands, you can take a guided tour of the nation’s largest tea company, hike through the plantation itself or sip local teas at some of the smaller plantations in the vicinity.

The Cameron Highlands are renowned for their tea plantations that have long served as the development and trade hub for Malaysia. The vast expanses of the tea plantations generally record cool temperatures which are ideal for the cultivation of tea. Make sure that you plan a hike or two to these beautiful plantations and be greeted by the serene environment and the crisp, cool air.

Expansive Caverns

The Gunung Mulu National Park on the island of Borneo in Sarawak dates back 3000 years and is a popular destination for travellers for its plethora of caverns. The Turtle Cave, Garden of Eden are some of the fascinating sites that dot the park. The incredible environment invites casual strolls to experience nature at its best. You can also add on to the trip by visiting Batu Caves which are renowned for its limestone structures and a wonderful scenery for hiking.

The Malaysia MM2H program takes into account the many difficulties that individuals looking to settle can encounter and takes adequate steps to cater to their every needs. Enjoy the beauty that the exotic lands of Malaysia has to offer and rest assured that your decision to set up home there has been the right one.