Malaysia’s MM2H visa is one of the most successful programmes that look out for those seeking to visit the country. It offers a wide array for those closer to retirement age. Malaysia is a booming economy and one of the best residential locations in the world today. Participants of the programme can make Malaysia their second home, with the long duration stay options in it. An increasing number of foreign residents are now choosing MM2H, for completely hassle free and comfortable living.

Looking at Malaysia today, one sees a prosperous country. It has political stability, an ever growing business sector, blooming domestic markets, countless foreign associations, and thousands of opportunities. It is considered to be one of the top ASEAN nations. Let us look at some of the key benefits of the programme below.


What are the Core Benefits Offered to MM2H Visa Owners?

These are some distinct advantages of availing the MM2H visa for foreign residents who intend to visit Malaysia on a frequent basis. In many ways, the programme is tailor-made to make life easier for people of all age groups. The MM2H visa benefits that one can experience include –

1. No Minimum Stays – You do not have to fulfill a minimum duration of staying in Malaysia in order to get approved for this visa programme. So, if you go ahead and apply now, it is possible to get the visa even if you want to stay several decades later.

2. Stay as Long as You Want to – The terms of this programme enable participants to start staying in Malaysia without delay, once they receive the visa. You do not have to leave Malaysia. All that you need to do is get your passport renewed at the Malaysian consulate.

3. Freedom of External Movement – Participants of the MM2H visa programme have freedom of external movement. This entails the ability to leave and enter the country for as many times as intended. It is facilitated by the multiple entry visas offered to the participants.

4. Assured Renewability – One of the key MM2H benefits is that the visa can be renewed every ten years. This can continue every following decade, for as long as you intend to stay in the country.

5. No Need for Buying or Renting Property – As an approved participant, there are no needs for renting or purchasing a property in Malaysia. The rules are so flexible that one can stay with friends, or even choose not to stay at all.

6. No Need to Report – For visa participants there are no needs to report to authorities about whereabouts. So, you are allowed to move around and stay anywhere within the country, at anytime.

7. Low minimum Age – The minimum age to qualify for an MM2H visa is just 21, as there have been rising demand among the aspiring entrepreneur subgroup. Hence, the visa should be considered not as a retirement programme. In actuality, it is a long term programme.

By qualifying for the MM2H visa, you can receive all the above mentioned benefits.