Relocation to a new country is no mean feat. One has decided to try a new world, away from the known faces and known environment. As Malaysia is one of the most favourable places to relocate, we would discuss how some service providers could make things easier for you. We are talking about the licensed MM2H visa sponsors. They offer multiple services and all of them take you a step ahead towards your goal.

Regular Services

  • MM2H Visa Application

a) There are multiple layers of visa application process. The first and foremost is the documentation process. For example, photocopies of educational and working experience certificates are required. It is natural that as you would migrate to a new country, it is not possible for you to have a knowledge of them all. Herein comes the assistance from the MM2H sponsors. They would prepare the list of documents for you. It will act as a valuable checklist. Apart from documentation, the sponsors would help in the processing of the application and also in the submission process.

b) As it is impossible for you to visit the country as and when required, your MM2H agent would keep you updated about the visa approval.

  • Signatory of the Personal Bond

Now, this is one of the most important services offered by the sponsors of the MM2H visa. They are the joint signatories of the certificate for the good conduct during your entire period of stay in Malaysia.

  • Update the Status of Visa Application

The sponsors will inform you about the status of the visa application. They would advise the participants to arrive 6 months prior to the final nod for the Conditional Approval letter. They are equally concerned about the earliest possible attainment of the MM2H visa.


Relocation Services

Apart from the regular services offered, the MM2H visa sponsors would assist you to settle here without any hassles.

  • On your arrival here, they would arrange for the accommodation and transportation of the visa owners.
  • One of the important criteria for the visa procurement is to own an account in a local Malaysian bank. The sponsors will assist you to open the account before you finally settle here.
  • Like any other country, the Malaysian relocation rules also stress on the fitness of the settler. That is why the agents will help you receive your medical report from a local hospital.
  • You would be accompanied to the MM2H immigration department for the process of visa stamping after you pay the requisite fees for the visa.
  • At a particular time of the year, the Government would allow the applicants to appeal for the incentives offered under this visa programme like the time when they can apply for the accommodation, vehicle and maid. Your MM2H sponsor would inform you of the date beforehand. It falls under one of the relocation services.

Based on the above-mentioned points we can say that MM2H visa sponsors play a pivotal role in making your relocation simple and hassle-free. They are no less than the best friends on a foreign land.