Over the past decade, unlike the high craze to buy real estate properties in the capital city Kuala Lumpur, people are opting for Penang and settling down here.
Multiple advantages of settling down in Penang are as follows:

Affordable Accommodations:

Whether it is an apartment or a landed property, the listed prices are below than what you will find in Kuala Lumpur. Based on 2016 price rates, the rent of a 6000 square feet ultra-modern condominium overlooking the sea is just 1800 USD per annum in Penang.


Sumptuous local Dishes:

A great news for the gourmets.The lip-smacking local delicacies are available at quite affordable prices. For example, for 7 USD only you could have a basic lunch along with a drink in a restaurant located in the Central Business District of Georgetown. Whereas the price of a combo meal in the Mcdonalds would cost around 6 USD.

Pristine Locales:

You may be staying in Malaysia to accomplish some commercial objective or have decided to settle down here after your retirement. In both the cases having an abode located in a scenic region is no less than a precious gift. The Penang Island is reputed for her outstanding scenic beauty. Nestled amidst low-height hills and the sea, Penang has been one of the most significant commercial hubs in the past. You could imagine its popularity among the colonial rulers while you take a stroll in the streets of the old part of the city of Georgetown. Apart from the colonial era mansions, there are public monuments and cafeterias to give you a taste of the golden bygone days. In this part of the world, the modified price of a landed property for the foreigners is 702,894 USD. Thus, you could enjoy living amidst the pristine locales by paying a competitive price.

Cosmopolitan Society of Georgetown:

The capital city of Penang Island is a cosmopolitan conglomerate. People from the UK, the USA, Singapore, China and India have settled here for a long time. Their food habit, the dressing sense, the religious affiliations, the typical accent, the festivals; everything offers a distinct flavour to the inherent culture of the city. You could enjoy the simple beauty of life like attending the Sunday market by spending a meagre amount on tasty street food (12 USD per day), buying artworks from the local dealers etc.

Vibrant Culture:

Unlike the western countries, the ticket prices of cultural events held in Penang are not too high and one can buy 2 tickets for a theatre show is just 15 USD.

Penang is well known for her excellent health infrastructure in the way of public and private hospitals. A 15 minutes private visit to a doctor’s chamber costs around 11 USD.

Affordable Cost of Living:

A four-member family could spend their days in Penang for 1890 USD per month.

Given the affordable cost of living in Penang, probably the words like golden days of retirement have been coined out of imagining an ideal place as this.