Malaysia is a retirement heaven. Thus, one will find a good number of foreign retirees here in both the mainland and island states. One of the primary reasons why foreigners opt for this country is the MM2H visa. The ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa is the unique welfare concept drawn by the Tourism department which solely aims for the hassle-free migration and settlement of foreigners in the country. Some may argue that what is the need to fall into the intricacies of the visa procedures? Well, the reason is the seemingly unending list of benefits attached to it.However, as it is not mandatory to apply for the MM2H visa to settle down here, one may also do without it. So, what is the difference between a visa owner and the one who does not possess it? A comparative analysis will make the things clearer for us.


The Benefits of MM2H Visa

The list of MM2H benefits would give you a better insight about where does a visa owner stand in front of the one who does not possess it.

  1. The MM2H visa is a multiple entry social visit pass. This means that you can move in and out of the country as and when required.
  2. You would get 10 years time to live in Malaysia and afterwards, you need to renew it.
  3. Explore the benefits of the grandfather clause which means, during the time of visa renewal, if there has been some change of law, your appeal will be subjected to the rules prevalent at the time you applied for it, originally. The only condition is that the renewal application conforms with the rules of the MM2H programme and the Malaysian laws.
  4. Malaysia is rising in the global graph of quality healthcare facilities. People from even the developed nations come here for treatment as the standards are no less well-developed than their countries of origin. When you get equivalent treatment at a much lesser cost, you should go for it.As age-related complications tend to grow among the pensioners, they can keep the costly treatment procedures (back in their countries) at bay by migrating to Malaysia for a longer duration. As the cost of health insurance plans is also lower than the advanced countries, Malaysia is an ideal place for the seniors to settle down.
  5. One can remit the pension or employment fund in Malaysia without paying any extra tax.
  6. The dependent family members are included within the visa regime and they can enjoy the privileges of the visa without paying an extra fee.
  7. Pets, as well as the household helps, can accompany you from your country.
  8. You can enrol your children at local educational institutions.
  9. The retired people above the age of 50 can apply for part-time jobs.
  10. Business investments are also allowed to the visa owners.
  11. The visa owner and his/her spouse, both can open their bank accounts at the local branches.

Given the enormity of the MM2H visa benefits, most of the experts on the subject feel that rather than staying here without owning a visa, it is better to apply for it and explore the advantages.