Many different types of tourist visas are available for those who are on a trip to Malaysia. Based on the country where the traveller belongs to, the duration of stay permit varies. For a maximum, the 90-days visa permit is available for the tourists. Given the vast realm of the country and its diverse vistas of natural beauty, heritage, cuisines etc, for many such a small duration would not do any justice to their passion for travelling. Those who share this view might consider applying for MM2H or ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa dedicated for the benefit of retired expats and foreigners.

Spirit of travelling

How an MM2H visa could nurture the passion for travelling?
The primary resources needed to fuel your passion for exploring new parts of the world is dependent on multiple factors.

  1. Financial resource: The after-retirement phase ensures a more sensible way of splurging your savings. As such, if you do not have enough provisions, you would not be able to fund your trips after paying your bare essentials like food, accommodation, transport and medical costs. Malaysian government has taken a complete care of this factor and offered many benefits to the retired foreign settlers who are also the owners of MM2H visas.
  2. Tax-less remittance of income amount: With the aid of Malaysia MM2H program, people are legally eligible to remit their income from savings, pension or any other investment resource without paying any taxes. This is not a meagre amount and contributes sufficiently towards the built-up of retirement nest egg.
  3. Tax-free purchase/ import of a vehicle: You need not have to pay the sales tax for buying a vehicle in Malaysia. Similarly, no import duty has to be paid for transferring your vehicle from back home.
  4. Low prices for accommodations: MM2H owners can buy new homes for a much lower price. The price varies with different states.
  5. Affordable healthcare system: Compared to the western countries, the healthcare system of Malaysia is much more cost-effective. In fact, people from across the world visit this country to explore the benefits of medical services which are at par with the excellent facilities available in the European, Australian and North-American countries.
  6. Good infrastructure: Without a quality infrastructure, you cannot utilise your vehicles in an ideal manner. Fortunately, the far and near places in Malaysia are connected via excellent roadways and even the islands are connected through bridges which are none less than engineering marvels. If you want to avail public transport means, there are provisions for them also.
  7. Cost-effective medical insurance policies: The competitively priced medical insurance policies further help you keep your retirement fund in a healthy shape.
  8. Right to part-time work: Under the MM2H Program Malaysia, there are separate rules for part time job application. One is strictly meant for the people over the age of 50 years and another on the basis of 20 hours duty period per week.

With the help of the special rights, one can easily grow the retirement fund and spend the excess in travelling. As Malaysia could serve as the central point from where to begin the extensive journeys to the south-east Asia, the heart of a traveller will be contented to the fullest.