MM2H or Malaysia My Second Home visa benefits have been incorporated to encourage the retired people from all around the world to come and call this country their own home. We will briefly discuss the benefits and when you will go through them, you will find that these benefits take care of the social, financial and personal requirements of a retired person. Let us focus on the visa benefits.

The MM2H Visa Incentives

Malaysia My Second Home visa is strictly meant for facilitating the stay of the foreign retirees.
Primary financial benefits

  • In general, after retirement, the sources of earning tend to reduce. Money saved is the resource which could be invested for a better purpose. With the ownership of an MM2H visa, get a relief on taxes payable on your income/pension remittances.
  • Pets could be transferred back here without paying any taxes.
  • If you decide to purchase a residential property in the Penang Island, you could buy that for RM 500,000. Not only 1 but 2 real estate properties could be purchased for such a lower price.
  • You could purchase/export a vehicle without paying any taxes.
  • Subject to approval, a retired person of more than 50 years of age could apply for a part-time work for a total of 20 hours per week. This is a lucrative MM2H benefit.


Primary social benefits

  • You could bring your parents of more than 60 years of age as dependents. They will be provided with visas renewable on 6 months basis.
  • Household helps could also accompany you and stay with you in Malaysia.
  • Your children are allowed to take admissions in local private schools and colleges.
  • You are eligible to buy competitively priced medical insurances.

Primary personal benefits

  • With a lesser cost of living, you could lead a comfortable life in Malaysia.
  • You can participate in many recreational activities.
  • You could enjoy the cosy weather of Malaysia.

MM2H visa benefits are aimed at making your life much simpler. It is without a doubt that if you want to choose a country for your retirement, Malaysia will come among the top countries.