The young days are meant for working hard and earning money so that we could lead a lavish life and save money for the retirement days. Nowadays, the age of retirement is not fixed and there are some people who are calling it a day as early as 35 years of age. People’s concepts are changing. No longer do they mean to lead the life of a hermit after their retirement. In fact, retirement is the beginning of good times and Penang Island in Malaysia has everything in store that could enrich the life of a retired person.

sociable retirement in penang

Penang Island and its Charms

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) visa is the pet programme of the Ministry of Tourism with the aim of encouraging the foreign retired people to settle in the country. Mostly, the MM2H visa owners are once tourists who came and fell in with the love of Malaysia so much so that they have decided to stay here after retirement. Top tourist attractions are Langkawi Islands, Kuala Lumpur and Penang Islands. However, when time comes to choose the place of settlement, many go in favour of the Penang Islands. The reasons have been mentioned below:

  • Scenic beauty
  • Colonial era nostalgia
  • Cosmopolitan ambience
  • Less cost of living in Penang
  • Vibrant capital city of George Town
  • Excellent healthcare institutes
  • Quality accommodations

Affordable cost of living

A family of 4 could lead a comfortable life in Penang for 1,842.88 USD (7,800 RM1) while the cost of living of a single person is 504 USD (2,134 RM). Whereas, the cost of living of a retired person in the USA is 61,533 USD. [Data are calculated on the monthly basis]. Those who decide to settle in Penang after their retirement are the smart one. Given the comfortable weather conditions and world-class amenities available here, retirement in Penang is probably one of the best decisions taken in your life.

Great social life
Tradition is something which keeps the Penang people together. They respect their elders a lot and this is an added gift for those who retire in Penang. The marketplaces and parks are ideal locations for socialising. You will never lead a solitary life in Penang.


N.B.:- 1 RM=0.238 USD