The procedures involving relocation could be hectic and tiresome at the same time. If it is to a new country, it is more so! However, things might change considerably if you are relocating to a paradise like Penang in Malaysia. Known for her culinary delights, pristine natural beauty, vibrant culture, amazing people and an old world charm, Penang is the darling of all globetrotters. Thanks to MM2H or ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa, the pet project of Malaysian tourism and immigration ministries, those willing to spend grand days after retirement here, are welcome with open hands.

The first thing of importance is hiring or purchasing an accommodation. For a newcomer, it is quite a challenge to successfully arrange everything. Given the benefits associated with MM2H visa, it will be a wise decision to buy residential properties here (of course if you have the means). Tips might come in handy for those looking to buy a real estate property in Penang, Malaysia.

Few Must-Haves to Successfully Buy Real Estate Properties in Penang

  1. Use real estate property portals: Looking for a residential property in Penang? Rather than following the cliched routes like paging through the classified ads published in the newspapers or searching for the contact details of property agents in the yellow pages (or in a phone directory), why not be a bit more tech-savvy? When there are so many multi-functional property portals in Malaysia, traditional methods do not stand a chance! Utilise the custom filter option for searching properties of your choice in your preferred location.
  2. Contact a proficient real estate agent or agency: Rather than going alone, it is better to find the help of a proficient real estate agent or agency for the matters of money and properties. Like we mentioned above, a real estate portal could come as your friend when you were searching for contact details of agents or agencies.

    Relocating to Paradise
    Buying a real Estate Property in penang
  3. Verify the landscape: There is no dearth of properties with its fair share of green around its walls. Be it a condo, penthouse, studio-apartment or a bungalow, too many options of real estate in Penang could puzzle your mind. The landscape factor is a major consideration, especially if you are fond of your garden.
  4. Location does matter: Like any place on earth, the location of a property is crucial for making your stay in Penang truly heavenly. Ensure the proximity of public transport options, quality of civic amenities, infrastructural development etc before deciding the location.
  5. Count on the amenities: Many builders are including multiple amenities within the precincts of the housing enclaves. If you are buying a condo or an apartment in Penang, ensure the availability of facilities and the affordability of the maintenance cost.
  6. Avail the benefits of MM2H visa: Different states of Malaysia offer varying benefits for the purchase of properties to especially encourage the MM2H visa holders to buy properties. Make your facts clear before purchasing an accommodation in Penang.
  7. Plan the budget smartly: No one can say ‘no’ to the smart budgeting especially where huge expenses are involved. Consult with your property agent and keep aside money for paying legal fees, stamp duty and miscellaneous taxes.

We hope the tips would help you buy a real estate property in Penang. However, carry on with your research works for better results.