The reputation of Malaysia is only growing with respect to an ideal retirement destination in world. This is the reason why MM2H visa process is rising in popularity. Malaysian government is aiming to facilitate the settlement of the retirees via the visa application process. The entire legal formalities are so easy that people who are approaching for MM2H visas are not facing any hurdles. Some salient features of the departmental formalities are encouraging foreigners to apply for the visa. They are as follows:

Salient Features of MM2H Visa that are Aiding the Retirement Industry

    • Licensed MM2H visa sponsors: It is evident that it would be immensely discomforting for the foreigners if they have to physically come and visit the Malaysian Immigration department every time for visa related matters. Whether it is the application process or attaching right documents, registered MM2H sponsors are there to expedite the process and properly complete all the formalities. One can verify the authenticity of the visa sponsors by checking the license number. Apart from Malaysia visa application formalities, one can even approach them for relocation services as well!
      Some sponsors directly offer relocation services while others know reliable service providers and can give you their contact details. Thus, whether it is about an accommodation in Malaysia, purchasing a new vehicle, enrolling your minor children in schools or arranging a maid household helper, you could get every assistance from your visa sponsor friends.

Visa Application Process

    • Clearly specified financial and other requirements: One of the finest things with MM2H visa is that financial and other miscellaneous visa formalities are clearly mentioned on the government website. There is no fear of hidden clauses.
      MM2H visa programme aims to bring the well-to-do foreigners and retirees across the world and offer them options to celebrate a good life. The fixed deposit amount and pension earned at the country of origin ensure you can spend your days free of financial stress. Apart from your affordability criteria being ensured, the finance can offer you some lucrative amenities which you were unable to afford because of its high cost back home. The cost of living in Malaysia is much lower than most of the developed nations.
    • Vehicular, accommodation, educational and many more benefits: MM2H visa comes with a long list of benefits like tax free purchase or import of vehicles, affordable price for buying accommodations, right to education for minors at local schools, right to bring the elder dependents, right to bring the household helpers and pets from your home. It means you need not have to compromise with your earlier lifestyle. You could literally establish a second home in Malaysia.
    • Negligible red-tapism: Unlike most of the governmental systems operating in south-east Asian countries, Malaysia is untouched from red-tapism. The time you start with the MM2H visa application process and receive the visa, exactly spans around 3 to 4 months.

Those who come for a short trip to Malaysia, fall for her charms. Many of them want to spend an extended holiday here. Retirement industry is thriving on the concept of a world-class, glamorous holiday life waiting for foreign expats and simple visa application process is offering significant contributions.