Malaysia is a country of diversities. You can find it not only in its social fabric but also in its civic and infrastructural development works. Kuala Lumpur is a city of high-rises whereas colonial era homes are still there in Penang Island. Malaysia has a high rate of literacy but people are very traditional and are very sensitive towards their religious and social beliefs. Foreigners from the UK, USA, Australia and other parts of Europe might find it a bit peculiar but after spending some time here they will understand the local sentiments in a better way. In fact, many foreigners are settled in the country for multiple years and they are spending a good time here.

The Malaysian government encourages foreigners to come and stay in the country after their retirement. For this, it has rolled out a special visa programme called ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ or MM2H. Both Kuala Lumpur and George Town in Penang are ideal places for the foreign expats to settle down after their retirement. You can too adopt this country for settlement after your retirement. However, it is better if you first know the pros and cons of retiring in Malaysia and then take your decision. Let us discuss some important points in brief!

Cultural Expression

Pros: Unlike other countries where Islam is the official religion, Malaysia is more lenient towards its people practicing religions other than Islam. The government recognises the festivities of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.

Cons: Most of the shops and local civic offices remain closed during the religious festivities and the congested areas become hard to pass through because of heavy traffic.

Pros & Cons


Pros: Kuala Lumpur and George Town are two of the topmost destinations to buy or rent accommodations in Malaysia because of superior amenities available here. You can explore a variety of options like condos, pent-houses, studio-apartments or bungalows. They are priced at affordable rates and the owners of MM2H visas can even explore the benefits of buying real estate properties at good prices. Foreigners can easily buy homes and settle after their retirement in Malaysia.

Cons: The prices of real estate properties are rising in Kuala Lumpur and George Town. People might have to change their budget plan before they come and stay here for a long time.

Cost of Living

Pros: Locally sourced petrol and natural gas lead the prices of both these articles to reduce further than that is found in the American and European markets. This is a great boon for the foreigners who own vehicles and stove tops in their homes. Thanks to the tropical climate of the country, varieties of fruits and vegetables are available in the local markets at much reduced prices.

Cons: The prices of imported articles like cars and liquors are very costly because of high import duty.


Pros: Malaysia is known for its medical tourism. Foreigners all over the world come here for quality treatment at affordable prices. Doctors are educated in foreign medical colleges and they as well as the nursing staffs are proficient in English. Private and public hospitals offer excellent treatment facilities. Even the health insurances are competitively priced.

Cons: Modern medical system is accompanied by traditional Unani healing system. Locals and even some foreigners take treatments at these health centres. However, the veracity of these treatment practices is till not proven.

Those who want to retire in Malaysia could contact with licensed MM2H sponsors for a hassle-free migration and settlement in the country. It is advised that they should choose the right sponsor.