When you decide to migrate to a new country, you need to take care of a number of important things. Application for visa with attached documents, arrangement for proper accommodation, medical insurance, children’s education, purchase/import of car- there are so many essential services that help start a life afresh in a new country.

In Malaysia, the government encourages foreigners to settle in the country after their retirement. It has rolled out a new visa programme called ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ to encourage foreign expats to come and stay in the country for a longer duration. As such, every year, people from western countries, Australia, Japan, Singapore and China apply for MM2H visas. The Malaysian government has distributed the power of offering assistance to visa application among a number of its licensed sponsors. Among other services, these MM2H sponsors also offer assistance for relocation to retired foreigners coming in Malaysia. Let us take a closer look at the services offered by them in Malaysia:

MM2H Relocation Service

  • Support for MM2H application: A thorough knowledge of terms and conditions controlling the principles of MM2H visa could help simplify many complexities. The licensed sponsor agents of MM2H visa distribute the knowledge to the visa aspirants. We cannot expect that foreigners would possess information regarding how to fill the application form accurately along with attaching correct documents with attestation from authorities. All these formalities are completed by the MM2H sponsors. The sponsors need to sign a personal bond with the Malaysian government to guarantee and certify for the good conduct of the applicants. In case the client violates the terms and conditions of the visa, the sponsors are required to make all the arrangements for immediate deportation of the errant client. It is the responsibility of the MM2H sponsors to pass on the information on the progress of the visa application still the client is getting a Conditional Approval Letter which is given by the Immigration Department. Usually, the sponsors advise clients to come in Malaysia within the six months after receiving the Conditional Approval Letter and fulfil all formalities regarding the terms and conditions. The MM2H relocation assistance providers bring the successful applicants to the Immigration Department for paying the visa fees and getting their passports stamped.
  • Opening a bank account: Licensed sponsors help their foreign clients open fixed deposit accounts in Malaysia.
  • Assitance for medical insurance: They make proper arrangements for medical reports along with cost-effective insurance policies.
  • Assistance for car purchase: MM2H sponsors help foreign MM2H visa holders to apply for vehicle import.
  • Support for accommodation: There are some MM2H sponsors who directly offer assistance for accommodation and transport to the foreigners after they arrive in Malaysia. Whereas some MM2H sponsors fix meetings between the clients and the service providers.
  • Miscellaneous services: Application for housemaid, tax exemption for import or purchase of new vehicles, arrangement for students’ pass, application for utilities and telecommunication services are among other offerings which are provided by the MM2H sponsors under the heading of MM2H relocation service.