Many foreign expatriates are relocating to Penang in Malaysia. The scenic beauty of the Penang Island, its historical capital city of George Town, the varieties of Malaysian cuisines, the advanced infrastructure, easily available accommodations, the cosmopolitan set-up of George Town, you see, the reasons seem to be unending for taking the call. If you are also keen to relocate in Penang then you must gather more knowledge about Penang in general. For example, if you ask the foreigners who are staying in Penang about the things that were really helpful in forming cordial relations with neighbours, you will come to know that the local culture has some typical features. When you show respect to the native culture, you get the same in return.

The Ideal Way of Greeting

Handshake is the common way of greeting people in Europe and Northern America. However, it is slightly different in Malaysia. The practice of handshake is common in the formal business meets. You can shake the hands with the members of the opposite gender without any inhibition. However, in general, it is better if you play safe! Traditionally, the norm is to bow your head respectfully and this is enough. You need to take care of these things when meeting someone from the opposite gender. You may wait and see if the person is initiating the handshake all by himself/herself! Reciprocate the gesture by shaking the hands with a gentle force of your palm. The Chinese or Indian settlers are more open to the handshake gesture. It is not a bothering! So, nothing to worry about the greeting practices!

Malaysian Culture


Being an erstwhile British colony, English is well-understood and spoken in the areas like Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Selangor in Malaysia. However, it is a prudent idea to learn a few of the local terminologies, more so when you are planning to visit the rural parts of the country. Also at the cosmopolitan ambience of the places like George Town in Penang, a knowledge of the languages like Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Tamil comes in handy! You may consider the knowledge of the local languages as a form of relocation assistance in Penang. It will help you form a friendly bonding with the local communities.

Communication Gestures

Malaysians like many other Asian communities are considered to be not so expressive in communication. Losing composure by showing overwhelming amount of emotions is not seen with much of regards in their community. They prefer never to be offensive, rather persuasive in their mode of verbal or non-verbal communication. Pointing fingers or touching someone’s head, even casually, is considered to be very impolite in their culture.


The temperature in Malaysia could reach up to 35-degree Celsius in summer. Thus, always keep in handy the accessories like hats, sunglasses and sunscreen lotions. Wear cotton clothes for a comfortable outing. The country is secular however, Islam being the official religion it is better to wear conservatively especially if you are visiting the rural parts of the country.

Hope the above inputs will help you relocate in the country easily. When talking about the Island of Penang, the relocation services in Penang will help you further by sharing more information. If you apply them as a whole, there is no way why you will not gel in with the locals easily!