Malaysia is placed in the top position of the list of locations to settle down after retirement. There are many popular reasons like a comfortable weather, sumptuous Malaysian cuisines, rich heritage, affordable cost of living, good infrastructural development and the facility of MM2H visa. The conceptualisation of MM2H or Malaysia My Second Home visa programme is innovative in many ways. Fewer governments have included so many encouraging clauses in a visa plan that specifically targets the foreign retired nationals. Malaysian government wants to welcome more foreigners to come and settle down in Malaysia for a long period.

Significance of MM2H

What are the benefits of obtaining an MM2H visa?

Are you looking for an ideal place to settle down after retirement? If you have the knowledge of MM2H visa benefits, you might choose Malaysia as your retirement abode! There are many benefits of obtaining an MM2H visa and a few of them have been enlisted below:

  • Money is important in every phase of life. Many will agree that money bears more significance for the retired people. Given this situation, MM2H visa norms allow you to remit your earnings from pension or some other investment, completely tax-free. This helps to build your retirement nest egg.
  • You can easily buy the competitively priced medical insurance from Malaysian companies.
  • Buying or importing a new vehicle in Malaysia is tax-free for the owners of MM2H visa. Never before an investment on a vehicle was so much rewarding!
  • Bring in your dependent children (below 21 years age) as the visa offers them the permission to stay and study in Malaysia.
  • Your parents (more than 60 years old) could come and settle down with you in Malaysia on a visa permit renewed after every 6 months.
  • The Malaysia My Second Home visa programme permits people to bring in their maids and pet animals in the country.
  • In the Island of Penang, the MM2H visa owners can buy at most 2 real estate properties for as low as RM1 500,000. Thus, the government lets you own real estate properties at the best prices to settle down initially in Penang.
  • Any further addition of benefits will be applicable to you even if they were absent at the time of your visa application.
  • If you are spending your life within the legal binds of the country, you need not have to report the local police station for a change of address, unlike the rules of other countries.

Malaysia My Second Home Programme has multiple benefits. The principles have been framed after lots of research, keeping in mind the overall requirements of foreign, retired settlers.