The State of Penang is a scenic region of Malaysia. As the country is popular with the retired foreigners, knowing why Penang could be an ideal place to retire would help you make the right selection.

The Reasons

At present, Malaysia holds 6th rank in the list of world’s best place to retire. According to the experts of International Living (an authority on retirement and opportunities of relocation, globally), there are stunning beaches, virgin forests and 878 idyllic islands in this country. A multicultural diaspora comprised of Chinese, Europeans, Indians and Americans inhabit Malaysia. Then there is the unique visa programme of Malaysia My Second Home that is specially framed to entice the foreign retired nationals to come and stay here for a longer duration. In this scenario, more people are planning to settle down here in Malaysia.

Perfect retirement destination

In Malaysia, the State of Penang is becoming popular as an ideal place to retire for many reasons:

Dream retirement for a foodie: Good food is symbolic of a good life. George Town, the capital city of Penang is world famous for its lip-smacking foods. In the survey conducted by CNN Travel for the year 2013, George Town held a position in ‘Top 10 Street Food Cities in Asia’. A similar type of survey conducted by the Lonely Planet placed Penang in the list of world’s ‘Top Food Destination’ for the year 2014. Thus, retirement in Penang sounds really tasty!

Cosmopolitan environment of George Town: When you evaluate the extent of being a global city, George Town is a miniature version of New York devoid of its mechanised pomp, glitter, commercial tinge and ultra-urban amenities.

British colonial heritage: Living in Penang comes with its rewards. There are many heritage buildings in the old part of George Town. You could still see the 19th century remnants when the city had an active sea port, served as an important financial district and was thronged with scores of shops.

Luxury condos with scenic views: Northern part of George Town has a sizeable percentage of expat communities. Generally it has become a norm that foreigners come here, take accommodations for rent for around a couple of years and finally, buy an apartment or a landed property. Mostly, foreigners love to invest in luxury condos with spectacular views of the ocean or hillsides.

Cost of living: The cost of living in Penang is comparatively lower than the cities like Kuala Lumpur. George Town being Malaysia’s second largest city, you could avail every amenities here without paying extraordinary charges.

If you are seriously considering to settle down in Malaysia, retire in Penang. Enjoy the perks of a simple living without adjusting with the lack of amenities necessary to lead a good life.