In Latin, the terms ‘Alter Domus’ is equivalent to ‘Second Home’. The name of the company itself defines its objective! If you want to make Malaysia your second home (or even your first one), you could approach ‘Alter Domus’ regarding visa requirements and application procedures involved with the MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) programme. The company is a licensed MM2H visa consultant.

The MM2H visa programme is one of the most appealing initiatives taken by the government of any country to encourage more and more foreigners to settle down within its geographical limits for a straight 10 years. As such, we can say that usually, a foreigner would be unaware of the MM2H requirements and the norms for visa application. So, is it a good idea to hire the services of a licensed MM2H consultant like ‘Alter Domus’? Let us check it!

Why Hire a Licensed MM2H Visa Consultant?

Before you go for the services of a licensed MM2H visa consultant, below-mentioned reasons would help to make your mind whether you should go for it or not! These are the services offered by ‘Alter Domus’.

  1. The MM2H visa requirements.
  2. The procedures regarding MM2H visa application.
  3. Assistance for the post-visa endorsement services like
  • Tax-free vehicle purchase
  • Import of household articles
  • Import of vehicles (with tax or without it)
  • Requisite paperwork to bring in the pets
  • Requisite paperwork to bring in the parents of the primary applicant
  • Requisite paperwork to bring in the domestic maid
  • How to withdraw the partial amount of MM2H fixed deposit
  • How to sell a car, tax-free
  • The transfer procedure of MM2H sticker from your old to new passport (during the visa renewal procedure)
  • The conversion procedure of foreign driving license into Malaysian one

Ease Out the process

4. The cancellation procedure of MM2H visa
5. The procedure of MM2H visa renewal
6. Non-visa services like

  • Although ‘Alter Domus’ is not a real estate agency but if you want to know about a reputed real estate agent or agency operating in Malaysia, you can get valuable advice from them.
  • ‘Alter Domus’ offers you neutral, third-party review on a particular real estate property in Malaysia
  • You can appoint ‘Alter Domus’ to work on your behalf during your absence. Suppose, there is an ongoing home remodelling process where you need to interact with the interior designers and the contractors. The representatives of ‘Alter Domus’ could act on your behalf.

The set of services proves to be valuable for someone who wants to avail the benefits of MM2H visa and settle down in Malaysia. Before you appoint a licensed MM2H consultant, it is better to verify the credentials of the company and compare the price of the services.