Malaysia is rapidly gaining popularity among the foreign retired people. They are opting for it to settle down after their retirement. Malaysia is turning as an Asian retirement haven. There are many reasons behind it and some top selections have been enlisted below:

1. Malaysian tourist retreats: A growing number of foreigners are looking forward to retire in Malaysia. They want to explore the heavenly tourist retreats of the country. There are hill stations dating back from the British colonial era. The Penang Hill dates back to 1788 where you can find some amazing private homes built by the rich colonials. Some of these have been transformed into private hotels and resorts.
You can explore the islands by yacht! Take for example, the Redang archipelago that is located on the eastern coast of Malaysia is no less than a spectacle of nature. Set amidst the clear, emerald green waters of the South-China Sea, the Redang archipelago is a tourists’ delight.

2. Quality infrastructure: The infrastructure development in Malaysia is comparable with the first-world countries. You will not find any problem to avail the facilities of high-speed internet or cable network. The road conditions are excellent. If you are the owner of the ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa programme, you could import your vehicle free of duty.

Malaysian an Asian Retirement Haven

3. Easy to buy properties: More and more foreigners are planning to take retirement in Malaysia because of the friendly rules framed by the government. The owners of the MM2H visa can buy any number of properties by paying the minimum purchase price set by the individual state governments. The country has no dearth of quality properties available at suitable locations. Compared with the real estate pricings of the developed nations, here you get quality homes at affordable purchase costs. In the long run, a real estate property becomes a good source of investment also.

4. Availability of medical centres: World-class medical centres are available on the Penang Island. The health centres are excellent and appoint the well-qualified, English-speaking doctors trained in USA or UK. Most advanced medical equipment are kept in regular use. The nursing staffs are also well-trained. Compared with the medical costs incurred in first-world countries, here, the costs are much lower. The medical insurance premium costs are also reasonable.

5. Diverse ethnic neighbourhood: You would never feel alien in Malaysia. People from various countries have settled down here. The ethnically diverse neighbourhood peacefully co-exist. There has been no big news of ethnic violence in Malaysia. The natives are extremely friendly towards the foreign settlers.

6. A respectful society towards the elderly: Respect for the elderly is an intrinsic part of the Malaysian culture. The elderly expats can hire maids who have undergone quality nursing training. One can hire them for just $400 per month.

Come and make Malaysia your home after your retirement. You will love your stay over this beautiful and peaceful nation. Malaysia welcomes you with its bounties!