People are experimenting with their lifestyles. Gone are the days when they would wait to complete 60 years to call it the day. Now even the youngsters are opting for early retirement in order to pursue their passion. They are choosing their ideal locations to settle down. The State of Penang in Malaysia is one of the most lucrative places for one to settle down. There are reasons for that! If you are a young couple with children and want to settle down here, you will not be disheartened.


Retirement in Penang will unleash the beginning of your sunshine days! Among the attractions of Penang, one is the availability of quality accommodation at affordable prices. You will find many online real estate portals to help you through your house hunting. There is an added bonanza for the holders of MM2H or ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa. They could purchase any number of real estate properties in Malaysia provided they pay the minimum rate established by the individual states. We understand that a quality home is the basic necessity of a young couple with kids. The State of Penang has no dearth of quality apartments.


Many would agree that the food is one of the best things of Penang. It is readily available (in fact the street-side stalls sell lip-smacking Asian dishes) at affordable prices. If you want non-spicy foods for your children, there are rice noodles or roti to choose from!

Educational Institutes

If you have kids then you will be happy to know that the standards of pre-school, primary and secondary educational facilities are awesome in Penang. In fact, many parents choose Penang, particularly for this reason. If you are the owner of MM2H visa, your children would receive study permits at the public and private schools in Malaysia.

Penang Lifestyle

Cost-effective Living

The cost of living in Penang is much below the national average of Malaysia which again is lower than the average cost of living of most other European and Northern-American countries. If you are thinking that it would mean a compromise with your standard of living, you are probably not right. The State of Penang is famous for its high-end living facilities. Retirement in Malaysia means maintaining a top-notch lifestyle at a lower cost.


Purchase/ import of a car is not a problem for an MM2H visa holder. You hold the right of purchase/ import a car without paying any tax. You could also avail the facility of car hire in Penang. There is well-established road infrastructure in Penang. The standard of public transport is also very good. So, moving around in Penang is easy and hassle-free.


There are plenty of options for recreation for those who retire in Penang. Be it the nightlife or outdoor activities, Penang has them all. The capital city of George Town itself is a treasure trove of heritage. If you are enthusiastic to explore the colonial heritage of Malaysia, we would suggest you travel in and around George Town.

You will love your stay in Penang. This is an ideal place for the families who want to spend their days in peace and see their kids growing up with good education and culture.