The word ‘retirement’ no longer carries a sense of despair. It is the advent of a new phase in life where there are opportunities to pursue individual passions, provided one gets the ideal location. Penang in Malaysia is an ideal place to retire. Pursue your passion, earn and settle down in the pristine natural locales of Penang.

When we talk about Penang, we cannot overlook its exciting ‘Sundays’. You could cherish the available opportunities of recreation and pursue your passions of drawing, music, dancing, biking and indulge in various social activities. Let us take a closer look:

1. Occupy Beach Street: The project namely the ‘Occupy Beach Street’ could be nicknamed as a no-traffic period of the Sunday. It is a temporary automobile-free phase where people could use the roads for fun-filled and healthy activities like jogging, walking, biking and dancing.

The objective of the Project is to divide the present ‘Car Free Day’ into 4 different zones to prioritise special activities for each of the individual zones. Retirement in Penang could be really this exciting where you get the opportunity to participate in unique Sunday activities. Here the element of fun gets combined with serving the social causes.

There is a marketing aspect of the Project ‘Occupy Beach Street’. The activity organisers can market their business at a marginal cost/ free of cost.

Interestingly, if you are the owner of the ‘MM2H’ or ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ visa, you could venture into business activities in Penang. You could combine your Sunday fun times with business by participating in the projects like ‘Occupy Beach Street’. Thus, choosing to retire in Penang could be relaxing as well as profitable.

Sundays are Fundays in and around Penang

2. The Pop-Up Market: The Hin Bus pop-up market is a both ways opportunity. It is a platform to showcase the creative side of the local talents and it is an opportunity for the onlookers to witness a wide variety of performances, at one place. Every week, there is a new store at the pop-up market. You could put a tab on their activities via their FaceBook page.

Do not miss out the opportunity of tasting the lip-smacking local food dishes offered at the street-side vending shops of the pop-up marketplace. The cost of living in Penang is comparatively lower than other parts of Malaysia. Nowhere is it better revealed than the affordable costs of the food dishes in Penang.

3. The Heritage Area of Georgetown: The heritage area of Georgetown is a game for the lovers of the street art. The only reason to hesitate the opportunity of moving around is the hot weather. You could rent a bicycle and eye out the street arts, comfortably.

There are many reasons behind the decision of settling down in Penang after retirement. The fun Sundays of Penang is just the special one in the long list.