For many reasons, you can choose Malaysia as your ideal home after retirement. For those who are thinking of retirement in Malaysia, you can avail the benefits of Malaysia My Second Home Visa Program. This 10 years long visa offers you the opportunity to explore the country in details. As Malaysia is famous for its outdoor events, you will not be in a want of entertainment activities during your stay here. Some of the top outdoor and sporting events in Malaysia are as follows:

1. Royal Langkawi International Regatta:

If you are a sailing enthusiast, you can explore this exciting world of water sports in Malaysia. Participate in the annual sailing competition held in Langkawi archipelago of Malaysia. Top teams from the extended zone of Asia Pacific participated in this event. The venue of the event is the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

2. Sedili Kite Boarding:

For the first time, this event is going to take place in Johor Bahru. This surfboarding championship is immensely popular with the participants from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

3. Tioman Surfestival:

The annual Tioman Surfestival is getting better and bigger over the years. This competition has made a name for the top surfing events of South-east Asia. This event is combined with other recreational activities and hence is very popular with the music fans, travellers and environment lovers.
After you retire in Malaysia, you can take up surfing as a refreshing pass time hobby. There are some quality surfing schools in Malaysia which offer training sessions to freshers.

4. Ponggal:

Malaysia is a land of multi-culture and Hindu migrants celebrate a thanksgiving festival called ‘Ponggal’. Native Malaysians took an active part in the festival.


5. Musical extravaganza:

The music lovers have enough options to explore in Malaysia. World famous musicians hold performances, every year here in this country. For example, Bryan Adams held his grand musical performance at ‘The Get Up Tour 2017’ that took place in the month of January in Kuala Lumpur’s Malawati Indoor Stadium.

6. Melaka International Kites Festival:

Not many times do we witness a colorful sky except the occasional rainbow. Malaysia is famous for the organization of unique events and the kite festival cum competition held at Kelebang in the month of January draws many foreigners.

7. Fallen Heroes of Petagas:

Want to know about the rich history of Malaysia? Participating in live events like the memorial service held in Petagas to pay respect towards the World War II martyrs, is a unique way to come in terms with the Malaysian history.

8. Ginawari Tambunan:

In the past, open air market was regularly held during the month of January in the district of Tambunan. The tradition is still followed. This year the event was organized in the month of January. The open air market was held at the Pisompuruan Square.

9. Monsoon Cup:

The international yacht competition will be held in Puteri Harbour, Johor. Great gifts are in store for the winners.

10. Chinese New Year Carnival:

Chinese New Year Festival is a flamboyant event and celebrated all over the world and especially in Malaysia where a considerable percentage of the expatriate community stays since long. You can enjoy this vibrant carnival event with your family at the Gaya Street and Lintasan Deasoka of the Sabah district.

You will find hidden gems at every corner during your stay in Malaysia. It is filled with unexpected natural splendours and man-made recreational events to keep you busy all the time.