If you belong to the genre of ‘Ghost hunter’ or love to encounter offbeat spooky things on earth, Penang offers you a number of haunted spots to set goose pimples. Whether you are looking for a short stay in Penang or planning to relocate to Malaysia under the MM2H program, these places are among the must visit places in Penang.

So, let’s take a look at these destinations in Penang which can put your courage to a test.

Junction near Union School

This deadly junction near Union school is notorious for its traffic flow and the Penangites generally look out for this while driving at night. Since this main road links to Georgetown as well as Batu Ferringhi, you can’t avoid it at all. It might sound quite strange that how such a busy junction can sport a notorious reputation as the deadly junction in Penang. But the Penangites will suggest you to be very cautious while driving this junction, mainly if you are driving during midnight. This place has claimed several lives for unknown reasons and you may not believe but constant surveillance couldn’t help. Whether it’s spooky or not, it’s not our say. But whenever you are taking this route, be very careful.

Haunted Spots In Penang

Penang War Museum

This museum has been announced as one of the most haunted places in Asia for its paranormal activities. Once you step into this place the eerie atmosphere will catch your entire attention. The Penang War Museum is counted as a historical complex that exhibits various war paraphernalia along with the timelines of historical events. This museum is dedicated to those soldiers who served for the country and died while fighting during the World War II. The tree lined path to the museum will take you back to the days of WWII when the fort was built as a safeguard against the Japanese attacks in 1930. It was during the invasion of 1941 when the Japanese came on bicycle for conquering Malaya and severe execution took place in this spot. Since then this place is considered as one of the most haunted places in Penang.

Shih Chung Branch School

This place in Penang is popularly known for different paranormal investigation. The Shih Chung Branch School was changed into an administrative building for the military officials during the period of World War II. Just like many other Japanese spots, probably there were a number of captives who were tortured and killed brutally. As it is said the Japanese soldiers were seen roaming in the building and such a view can give one goosebumps even if he drives past this site.

99-door mansion

Built in 1840, this marvellous mansion with 99 doors was used as the command center of the Japanese soldiers during the days of World War II. The local residents still can hear the Japanese conversation at midnight. After some years, a family rented this building to stay here but they were cursed. With its location in the midst of oil palm plantation gives way to creepy feelings.

Still scrolling down for more information? Let’s just stop searching and plan a fright night journey in Penang with your camera and binoculars. Adrenalin boosting journey is an added attraction of availing the MM2H program and  settling down in Penang.