If Penang is your choice for the ‘Second Home’, it’s certainly an amazing decision, especially as a MM2H member. Being an expat, it will be your common query if healthcare facilities will be affordable for you while staying in Malaysia. Healthcare in Malaysia is one of the most significant MM2H benefits you can enjoy.

The Malaysian Government’s Ministry of Health solely takes care of healthcare in Malaysia. Basically, this healthcare system is two-tier, which consists of both government healthcare system and it’s topped by the co-existing private medical centers.

Plenty of medical schools are here in Malaysia and the entire healthcare system has gone through a radical change within a few decades. In fact, it’s mandatory for the doctors to train in a public hospital for three years before they start working in a private sector. Since Malaysia never offers any agreement with other countries, it becomes important for you to be aware of your medical requirements. The lower rate of infant mortality in Malaysia determines the overall medical efficiency.


Penang is popularly known for its medical tourism as well as excellent healthcare services. It attracts numerous people who are looking for advanced healthcare facilities. Along with 6 large and 4 small private hospitals, Penang has 2 large government hospitals. MM2H participants prefer going to the private hospitals unless you have any medical emergency. The private healthcare facilities in Penang come with the screening purpose and latest tools for diagnostics. Some will say that private healthcare is pretty much costly in the country. But as a MM2H member, you are covered under insurance and it won’t cost you much.

No wonder that medical costs are reasonably cheap in Penang. Medical insurance is one of the major MM2H benefits which is not available for the tourists. If you are willing to see a specialist, the process is simple. Put up an appointment and immediately you will get your call. For medical operations or other medical procedures, in most of the cases, you can avail it immediately. Otherwise, in worst cases, you might have to wait for 1-2 days. Don’t worry about the quality or care as most of the hospitals in Penang have global accreditation.

Hopefully, now it’s clear to you that healthcare facilities in this country are truly ‘bang for the buck’ and planning your second home Malaysia will be a win-win decision.