Since past years, living in Malaysia has become more exciting as the country offers a mind blowing artistic atmosphere to its inhabitants. If you take a stroll throughout Penang, the age-old stained walls now have gained the spotlight along with the local and global artists. Through their artwork, the adaptation of Penang life is designed in an appealing, wonderful and humorous (at times) way. An array of various artists you can come across in this enchanting island of Penang.

Though for decades, street art has been pretty much alive in different parts of the world, this movement took place in Malaysia during 2012, at Penang’s George Town Culture festival. The entire credit goes to Ernest Zacharevic, who got the ball rolling in this country. Gradually, many other cities around Malaysia, followed Penang’s footsteps,and added life to their walls. If you are planning to retire in Penang, it’s easier to find these street arts in the open-air museums.

Most of the street arts are located in the tourist spots, so it won’t be hard to find out. Let’s make this search easier, and know where can you explore the best street arts in Penang.

1. The Most Popular Ernest Zacharevic Street Art:-

Ernest Zacharevic, from Lithuania, had been living in Penang for years. To paint six magnificent pieces of street art, at George Town Culture Festival, 2012, he was commissioned. His style of depiction is not just superb, you can also readily get into the meaning. Idealizing the local people as models, he has represented the reality of Malaysian life, through his painting. Among all of his arts, two pieces got international fame. These two are ‘Children on Bicycle’ and ‘Boy on Motorcycle’. In both of these artworks, a subtle combination of installation as well as painting allows the viewers admire. His realistic pieces got world-class recognition and Ernest kept traveling all over the world for exhibitions.

2. Martin Ron Street Arts:-

This genius got his artistic genre from Argentina but the latest masterpiece of Martin Ron, was done in Penang at early 2015. At Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, you can enjoy the view of this massive artwork. Moreover, this is the largest mural you will come across in the country till date. The painting symbolizes the turtle conservation plan in the city with an occidental person, who is holding out his hand to feed the turtles.

3. Martin Whatson Street Art Murals:-

This street art mural is included into the attractive pieces of new Penang Street Art. Martin Whatson, belonging to Norway, recently painted two amazing pieces of artworks in 2015. One of them is titled as Angel and the other is called Riot Cop, which you can see at the busiest streets of George Town.

4. Julia Volchkova – The Artist of Photorealism:-

The latest works of Julia Volchkova can be found, if you stroll out on the roads of Georgetown, Penang. Being a specialized artist in portraits and photorealism, Julia has been traveling throughout the world. During April, 2014, at Lebuh Klang, she created the photographic piece of a local boy.

5. Kuching Street Art:-

Kuching, a new addition to the list of Street art in Malaysia, has engaged Ernest Zacharevic for ravishing street paintings here. This artwork, created in 2014, is entirely based on the orang utan and the rain forest. If you step here in Malaysia, Kuching will give you an opportunity to spot ‘Orang Utans in a Wheelbarrow’, ‘Orang Utan Sipping Kopi O Peng ‘ and ‘Orang Utan and Bananas’. Start a trip of happy spotting in your shoes and explore the Kuching Waterfront area and surroundings.