Planning to retire in a country with wonderful cultural atmosphere, unmissable festivals and numerous heritage spots to visit? Then Penang, the second smallest state of Malaysia is awaiting your arrival. This state is literally chock-full of amazing heritage spots and interpretative festivals. If you are planning your retirement in Penang, you are just too blessed to be a part of the ravishing fairs, cultural events and other festivals.

Few Words Before You Head Towards Penang:

It sounds too exciting to relocate in Malaysia but the process is a little harder. Don’t worry we have a better suggestion for you.
Retirement in Penang is easier when you join the MM2H program, arranged by the Malaysian Government only for the foreigners. It’s not merely a retirement visa but also approves staying in the country for as long as you want and offers a renewal in every 10 years. So, get your MM2H visa first and you are allowed to live in Malaysia, immediately or after 20-30 years. As a MM2H member, you will enjoy a smooth immigration process along with other provided benefits by the Government of Malaysia.

1. International Lion Dance on Stilts Competition :

Every year, Penang throws exciting fairs, festivals and cultural events and this event is one of the most significant occasions among them. During summer, the International Lion Dance on Stilts Competition is celebrated in Penang. International teams are invited from other Asian countries like Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia too. After the initial and final rounds, an amount of RM10,000 is given to the winning team.


2. George Town Festival:

George Town Festival offers a month-long celebration for Penang’s precious status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. With various performances and exhibitions, this occasion is being celebrated since 2010. As a much-awaited annual event in Penang, it ends at a high note of celebration on 31 August, the National Day of Malaysia.

3. Bon Odori Festival:

Catering to a wonderful diversity in culture, Penang offers you the annual Bon Odori Festival, celebrating the Japanese culture with wonderful performances, games and mouth-watering Japanese cuisine. To celebrate Bon Odori, every year fireworks are displayed at 10pm. More than 80 stalls are displayed here to sell out Japanese crafts, arts and food. These performances are organized with Japanese folk dance as well as taiko drums. Ladies can take part in Miss Yukata Competition and the winner is rewarded with RM1,500. Don’t miss to click one of the most picturesque moments of your life with the cultural dress-up of kimonos.

4. International Green Carnival at Penang:

Penang International Green Carnival is an amazing environmental event to create a healthier and greener city. This event aims at raising awareness among public, with a motto, ‘Be the Solution, ACCT (Against Climate Change Today) Now’. Along with this amazing venture, you can enjoy all sorts of fun at Esplanade Park.

5. Project Occupy Beach Street :

Sundays, Project Occupy Beach Street keeps the street closed for friendly communal actions and fun. Anyone can take part in these spontaneous project activities since this is affiliated to Malaysian Government’s Car Free Day initiative at Penang. Through such actions, the local community to utilize the car-free spaces for fun-filled activities like cycling, busking, jogging, dancing and more. Just assure that you are playing it safe without violating the legal terms.

Now, don’t you think that Penang is truly ‘A hidden gem’, to plan a fabulous retirement in Penang?