Along with the huge benefits of MM2H program, your kids can get a better opportunity for education. Let’s know how.

If the dependent children of the MM2H participants are unmarried and aged under 18 years, they can continue their schooling in Malaysia at the tertiary educational institutes with a Student Pass and they need to be insured as long as they are staying in Malaysia.

The Malaysian government has a wonderful facility of free education for both primary and secondary levels. Here the primary, secondary and higher education systems are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning.

Usually, the Malaysian Government runs two types of primary education centres. Besides, the common government schools, vernacular and private schools are also there to offer Chinese and Tamil as their basic instructive languages. In national schools, national Chinese or Tamil schools and religious schools, Secondary school is offered. Most of the Malaysian students, attend their schools in proper uniforms regulated throughout the country.


Things you need to know before submitting your application for the permission of studies are –

  • Applicant need to be below 18 years old
  • For those, who are above 18 Years, need to apply student pass
  • Copy of approval letter
  • Letter of Intention By Principal / Sponsor
  • Filled up student personal data form
  • Original & photocopy of Applicant’s Passport
  • A passport size photo
  • A letter from the Ministry of Education (Except International School)
  • Letter of Acceptance From Private Higher Education/ Secondary School or
  • International School
  • Copy of Principal’s Passport

Like all other countries, Malaysia also has their own school system structure. Let’s take a look at the system structure.

1. Optional kindergarten:

This is organized for the kids of 3 to 6 age group. Though few kindergartens are run by the Malaysian government, mostly are privately held.

2. Compulsory Primary School:

For the kids of 7-12 age bracket, this compulsory primary school is categorized into two phases with the duration of three years’ each. As a must have, the primary students have to pass the School Achievement Test.

3. Secondary Education System:

This specific education system is designed for the kids belonging to 13-17 years. The entire system has two halves, including the lower secondary education for 3 years and the upper secondary eduction for 2 years, which ends with standardized test.
Again, two different final tests are planned for the students, based on whether the candidates attended the technical high school, academic or a professional branch for last 2 years.

These two tests are –
1. Post-secondary education for students of 17-18 years to prepare them for attending college.
2. The College Education
At the end of this phase, the students are divided into various levels such as superior academic, technical or professional, depending upon the high school results.
So, avail the MM2H program and give your kids an advanced education to assure their bright future at a very reasonable cost. If you are planning to retire in Malaysia, then Malaysia My Second Home Program offers you the best facilities to make the second innings of your life exciting. Ranging from the visa application, renewal in every 10 years to your home management or car care, this visa promotes a long term retirement in Malaysia for the foreigners.