Saving you hard earned money for the rainy day is not just a commendable decision but also makes your life more organized. If you are looking for a post retirement destination with charming natural beauty, then Malaysia can be an ideal place for you. Ranging from the northeast coast of Peninsular Malaysia to Penang, Malaysia offers a huge array of enchanting islands.

Basic Requirements To Stay At Malaysia:

Before your retire in Penang, holding a MM2H visa is a basic requirement. The name MM2H itself stands for ‘Malaysia My Second Home Program’ referring to a long stay in the country for the MM2H participants. People often have a tendency to consider MM2H visa as a ‘retirement visa’ though it is not the truth. The people of or above 50, are eligible to apply for this program and if you have a 21 years old member in your family, they can enjoy an access to Malaysia as a dependent.

This program was organized by the Government of Malaysia to attract more foreigners in the country. According to the norms, people from all the countries (approved by the Government) can apply for this MM2H visa. They are allowed start living in the country readily after having the visa or 20 to 30 years later.

Penang: The Malaysian Haven of Food & Heritage

The Pearl of the Orient, invented by Captain Francis Light in 1786, has an enticing history. Along with the major destinations like Melaka, Singapore etc. Penang is famous as a string of outposts dominating the sea trade between India and the rest of Asia. Under the observation of Malaysian authorities, now Penang is proudly showing off its world-class variety of street food items, modern transportation, improved living standard, cultural festivals, tree plantation programs, fairs, schemes of pedestrianization and many other facilities. At Penang International Airport, you will enjoy frequent availability of flights throughout the world. Once you land at Penang International Airport, taxis are pretty much inexpensive to drop you to the desired destinations or else, catch the buses from airport into the town. Heritage buildings are the heart of the city with their luxury appeal and this is another reason why Penang is making a mark internationally. So, the decision of retirement in Penang, will never leave you disappointed.

Langkawi: The Tropical Paradise

Langkawi, is basically an archipelago in the Andaman Sea with 104 islands, located at the distance of 30 km from north-west Malaysian mainland coast. For the beautiful atmosphere and exquisite sea beaches of Langkawi, it’s considered as the ‘Jewel Of Kedah’. Jungle trekking, mesmerizing waterfalls, birdwatching, Geopark visit, cable car adventures, cultural centres and more attractions are there at Langkawi which attract the tourists throughout the year. The name Langkawi stands for the island of the reddish-brown eagle (according to colloquial Malay words). Eagle, in Malay, is called ‘helang’ and kawi is a red stone for chalking out the goods.

Labuan: The Isle Of Bankers

Labuan, being one of the Malaysian Federal Territories, is located far from from the coast of East Malaysia. It’s popularly known as ‘the isle of bankers’ since free trade zone is allowed here for outside investments. Gradually, under the provision of the Government of Malaysia, Labuan is growing as one of the major offshore trade centres in the world. If any financial involvement is not your cup of tea, then another major reason to pay a visit to Labuan is ‘wreck diving’. This place is just too ideal for the novice divers. To get into Labuan, you can avail daily flights from Kuala Lumpur.

Tioman: Ultimate Destination For The Flashpackers

Being a popular Malaysian State of Pahang, you can reach Tioman by bus, boat ride, direct ferry from the city of Singapore or simply by air. Tioman has an international fame for its substantial topography along with the title of ‘one of the most wonderful islands’ during 1970. With exotic natural beauty and wildlife, Tioman has held its place intact in the tourists’ favorite destinations. The giant monitor lizards are the main attractions which keep roaming for food. Don’t panic if you are herpetophobiac (damn afraid of lizards) because here these creatures love to avoid human beings.