Alter Domus is the first licensee of the MM2H programme. They are one of the leading Visa consultants in Malaysia and helping people through the process of Visa application and associated services like import of household effects, home management and tax-free car purchase. They treat the clients as the friends who continue to visit years after the procedure of MM2H is over. The clients trust Alter Domus to consult whenever they have any problem or question or want to do the visa transfer.

No Compromise on Honesty:

When you seek any service, you want it should be of high quality and it should suffice your requirements as quickly as possible. Alter Domus, as one of the leading visa consultants in Malaysia, ensures that the client can be taken care of honestly. Honesty is the driving force of the MM2H consulting company since its inception.

You may be thinking how Alter Domus applies the principle of honesty. The company is run by the family itself. Therefore, every kind of dealing is handled by the management. As no managers are hired, situations of principle-agent clash do not arise. This leads to customer satisfaction.

Alter Domus does not compromise on honesty. The company makes fair dealings with clients. The staff of the visa company does not make decisions in a hurry. First, they listen attentively to the client’s requirements and then take further steps.

It may happen that some complications are noticed in the client’s documents for visa approval. The company does not over-promise to the client that he or she will get the visa. After deeply analyzing the case, the staff of Alter Domus decides whether they can proceed with the visa approval or drop the case.

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Fast Response to Inquires:

The credibility of a company is judged how quickly it can convert prospects into customers. The first point of contact is the query of a prospect. Alter Domus treats queries of prospects and its existing customers seriously.

When it is time for solving the queries, the management suggests that it works for 16 hours a day. In fact, the management of the company can sacrifice whims when it comes to handling customers. The company works even on festival days. When a customer makes a query, the company reverts shortly.

The type of query varies as per the needs of the customer. The company receives queries that are based on fresh visa issues. Some queries are related to the ongoing visa approval process. Whatever be the situation, Alter Domus handles it efficiently.

Trustworthy Home Management:

Alter Domus not only arranges for MM2H visa approval, it also ensures that its clients enjoy a happy stay in Malaysia. For that, it has augmented its services by including home management service. Under this service, the concerned person of the company makes a routine check of houses and decides the issues to be fixed. Houses are kept clean before the arrival of clients in Malaysia. Every housekeeping activity is reported to customers through emails and photos of home management activities are sent for the future reference.

This is how Alter Domus has emerged as one of the leading immigration consultants in Malaysia. You will get more than a visa when you hire Alter Domus.