The Malaysian government is promoting Malaysia to the world by providing MM2H visas. Alter Domus is a licensed sponsor of MM2H programme under the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism. Even before the Malaysian Government implemented the official visa programme, Alter Domus has been helping the foreigners to secure a long-term visa. If you are also planning to enjoy this Social Visit Pass that is valid for ten years (renewable after that), then you should know the advantages and benefits of this programme. Alter Domus can help you in:

Application or Clarification of Documents Needed:
The MM2H visa allows the applicant to stay for a period of ten years. However, the visa can be renewed a number of times based on your requirement.

Once you get this social pass, you can reside in any part of the country and take travel overseas as frequent as you need to.
The visa can be obtained if you fulfil the MM2H visa requirements set by the Malaysian Government. In some cases, you may need to clarify regarding the documents that are required for the approval. The professionals in Alter Domus will first understand the purpose of your stay and then suggest you the credentials needed to process the visa.
Depending on your age, the visa consultants will check your bank statement to see whether you are maintaining the required amount of deposit in your account. The company will also ask you to obtain a letter of good conduct from foreign affairs department, police or relevant government authorities.

Paperwork in Bringing Maid and Pets:
When you have relocated to Malaysia, you may require the assistance of a domestic helper. However, the charges of hiring such helper are high. The program allows you to bring a maid from countries like Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

MM2H Agent

Alter Domus can explain you the procedures of bringing maid through the visa program. As per the Immigration department of Malaysia, the maid should be aged between 25 and 45 years.

The staff of Alter Domus arranges for medical check-up of the maid at her home country. Once the examination yields a positive outcome, the relevant consultant conducts the paper works for the visa approval.

Alter Domus also handles the process of pet import to Malaysia. The concerned professional will inquire about the history of your pet. He or she ensures that the process of bringing the pet to the country is performed as per the Veterinary Import Regulation.

The consultant will ask you to quarantine your pet. After getting the report, the agent from Alter Domus works to obtain the import permit.

Relocation in Malaysia:
Alter Domus completely focuses on the visa processing services. The services have been designed in such a manner that the MM2H applicant will enjoy his or her stay or retire in Malaysia.

The company ensures that the visa requirements are clearly met and it is approved in proper time. After the endorsement of visa, the relocation consultant at Alter Domus can help with the arrangements of importing your household goods to your new home.
When you are in need of money, they will help to make a partial withdrawal from your fixed deposit account, which you can use for fulfilling medical or other personal needs.

This how Alter Domus helps you to relocate to Malaysia. If you are planning for a long stay, contact the consultant today.