If you list some of the best places to live in Malaysia, Penang will definitely come among the top choices. Whether it is the charm of the colonial heritage or the sizzling cuisines, Penang offers a wonderful blend. If you have already bagged your MM2H visa and fixing up the relocation services, you should learn about a few important aspects in Penang, which are:

Local Weather:
Penang is a tropical island. Therefore, the climate is humid and warm throughout the year. If a person has not stayed under the humid condition for a long time, then at the beginning, he or she might face some problems. However, the person will get accustomed to the climate in short time.

In general, the temperature is around 27 degrees centigrade during the morning and rises to 32-degree centigrade during mid-day. Sometimes, afternoon thunderstorms occur. The period between September and November is considered as the wettest period. Most of the shopping centers and offices are fitted with air conditioning systems. Many apartments are equipped with air conditioners. If someone wants to take a walk at streets of Georgetown, he or she has to put on hat and light cotton clothing.

Local Language:
The official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Melayu. If you want to gather some knowledge regarding the knowledge, you can approach an MM2H relocation assistance service. However, during your stay in Malaysia, you will not face challenges while communicating with locals as English is spoken widely.

English is also used for business communications. Other major languages are Tamil and Hokkien. Many residents in Penang can communicate in three or four languages.

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Many owners of restaurants and shopkeepers speak and understand English. Many taxi drivers can communicate in English. If a driver has limited knowledge of English, you should use some local phrases to show directions, etc. The same strategy is applicable when you visit rural areas.

Local People:
During your stay in Penang, you will like the company of locals as they have a friendly attitude. The people in Penang follow a certain code of conduct.
Locals always take off shoes before entering somebody’s home. They do not point index finger while speaking to others. Handshake is allowed when opposite sexes communicate with each other.

While communicating, Malaysians do not lose their temper. When a woman and a man are introduced, female’s name is said first. People do not like couples kissing in public.

While a person is outside of the home, at public place, he or she does not keep hands inside pockets. When people shake hands, they use the right hand because the left hand is considered unclean.

In Malaysia, drug trafficking issues are handled seriously. If a person is convicted, he or she has to face the death penalty. Feet are considered to be unclean. Therefore, people do not expose their soles or point them to others in public.

Settling in Penang is not all a problem when you seek the assistance of relocation services in Penang. Before you arrive in Penang, you should gather details of climate, language and people so that you can attain comfortable stay.