You can have a great time in Penang after you take retirement from your work. Many surprises are yet to be revealed. Just pamper yourself with sightseeing, shopping, dining and many other fun filled activities. Have you prepared the holidaying list? If not yet, then here it is.

KekLok Si:

KekLok Si is one of the major attractions which you should visit after taking retirement in Penang. This a Buddhist temple surrounded with gorgeous scenery. Here, you will enjoy while feeding Koi fishes. During your stay in this temple, you will find a shop selling ribbons displaying various messages. Tie a ribbon to the wishing tree and seek blessings from monks.

Snake Temple:

When you visit Snake Temple you will find snakes hanging around. The backyard of the temple comprises of cages containing snakes. If you have kids accompaying you, they will enjoy spending time with mischievous monkeys.

Night Market:

When you are in BatuFerringhi, do not miss the night market which runs every night on the main road by the Holiday Inn. Take back some memories to your home by purchasing sunglasses, souvenirs, garments and other novelty items. Children can make some merriment having a ride on a trishaw.

Tropical Fruit Farm:

The Tropical Fruit Farm is situated in TelukBahang. During your visit to the farm, you can learn how the fruits are grown. You can enjoy smoothies and fruit buffet.

Retire Penang

The Spice Gardens:

During your stay in Penang, do not miss The Spice Gardens. Here, you will gather some knowledge of different spices and herbs. Spend some time swinging on swings. Take help of an audio guide to gather details about this spice garden.

Penang Toy Museum:

The Penang Toy Museum comprises of over 100000 toys. The collection ranges from Barbies to Star Wars. Children will definitely love this place.

Beach InBatuFerringhi:

If want to watch jellyfishes, then visit the beach in BatuFerringhi. Kids will have a great time playing in the sand. Refresh yourself by engaging in jet ski activities. Satisfy your hunger easily as there are many restaurants and stalls in and around.

Botanical Gardens:

Grab some fresh air at Botanical Gardens. You will be lost amidst beautiful scenery. The garden is a home for some of the finest orchids. Children will have a great time by watching monkeys swinging on trees.

Monkey Beach:

Reach the Monkey Beach by taking a boat ride. You will find monkeys engaged in mischievous activities on the island. Complete the tour with hiking. Relish some fresh coconut on the beach.

 Penang Hill:

After you retire in Penang, visiting Penang Hill is a must to do the activity. Take a funicular ride and reach the top of the hill. You will enjoy activities of lizards and monkeys. Once you reach the zenith, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Penang. You will find busy throughout the day while visiting bird park, Owl museum, temples, souvenir stores and more. For refreshments, halt at David’s.

These are the best holidaying activities which you should in Penang after seeking retirement. You won’t have other better alternatives than holidaying in Penang.