Relocating to a different country is never easy. Getting used to a different sort of weather, culture, system, food and language can be somewhat daunting. If you are looking for a successful and prospective move, choosing none other than Penang in Malaysia as your new destination would be a wise decision.

Still making your mind up whether you should relocate here? Go through this article to have a glimpse of a list of the reasons for choosing Malaysia as the destination after retirement.

Best overseas retirement opportunities:
Tropical Penang, situated just west of mainland Malaysia provides the world’s most excellent overseas retirement opportunities. This is an affordable and safe little island that also offers outstanding medical care, diverse lifestyle, recreational and entertainment options and an eclectic and interesting community from across the world communicating largely in English.

A place of great outdoor experience :
Retired on Penang Island, you would never run out of things to do, from historical exploration and outdoor fun activities to nightlife, dining adventures, or an evening at the symphony. Art is in all places in the old city. The ProArt Chinese Orchestra and the Penang Philharmonic both have venues in town. At Straits Quay, The Actors Studio offers theater performances as does Penang’s Performing Arts Center, and there are impromptu concerts and exceptional cultural events such as Chinese opera and puppetry performances around town on a regular basis.


Top medical tourism facilities:
For medical tourism, Malaysia is among the world’s top five countries, and here many private hospitals are accredited internationally. High standards and low costs for critical health services, wellness counseling, elective procedures and cosmetic care make this country an attractive option for retirees. Malaysia doesn’t have the country’s own doctorate-level medical schools, so all physicians practicing here have acquired a part of their schooling overseas. Hospitals employ medical personnel trained in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. Therefore, even in a small, neighborhood “klinik,” it is expected that your physician will speak fluent English, and a consultation with a doctor in a local klinik in George Town costs around $4.50 to $6 at present exchange rates.

Availability of affordable rent in the city:
Rent can also be super affordable here. At the low end, you might rent a small furnished apartment for not more than $300 per month. You are likely to pay from $600 to $750 per month for a 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartment in an older building. In a higher and newer-end building, you could expend about $800 per month for a unit with a sea view. George Town is again a place where you might rent what would qualify as a luxury-level place to live in. A large luxury villa with a view of an ocean fetches rent of $3,000 per month and it’s not cheap a bargain on a global scale taking into account the quality and standard of what you would be getting.

You can hire sponsored agent to avail professional assistance with your Malaysia visa application process and move to this tropical paradise which is all set to welcome you with a number of facilities for a peaceful and fulfilling life after retirement.